Often asked: When Is Salice Rose Birthday?

What is Salice rose sign?

Zodiac sign of Salice Rose is Scorpio.

How much is Salice rose Worth?

How much Salice Rose’s net worth in 2020? Salice Rose known as Salice_roseee is an American Social Media, YouTuber, and Instagram star. As of 2020, Salice Rose’s net worth is estimated at US$ 1.5 million.

Who is Salice Rose sister?

She has two brothers and a sister named Ashley.

Did Salice rose go to military school?

Rose was later home-schooled before completing her diploma in a military school.

Is Salice rose dating someone?

Currently, after looking through her youtube videos, there is no evidence of a boyfriend or girlfriend being in any of her videos. We will never know if Salice Rose is still seeing the girl she was seeing due to how private her dating life is.

What is Salice rose famous for?

Salice Rose is an American Instagram and social media star known for her comedic videos and lifestyle posts across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. The star, of Peruvian descent, has risen to popularity by sharing her personal life with fans through social media.

Is Salice rose her real name?

Salice Rose was born in Lancaster California, USA and grew up along with her parents. Although she has not revealed any information about her parents, it is known that she is of Peruvian descent.

Name Salice Rose
Sister Ashley Rose Salice Rose with her sister Ashley

What does Salice Rose use on her hair?

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color 3.16 Burgundy A great hair dye that comes with a developer, protective serum and conditioner. It leaves hair soft and easy to manage.

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How much is Domo Wilson worth?

25-year-old Domo is a confident and independent girl of color. She stands the height of 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 55kg. More Facts of Domo Wilson.

Full Name: Domo Wilson
Net Worth $1.5million
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois

Where are Salice rose parents from?

Salice is of part-Peruvian descent, and was raised in Lancaster in California by her parents with two brothers and a sister named Ashley Rose; their father is a businessman and their mother is a cleaning lady.

Does Salice rose speak Spanish?

Salice Rose came out as bisexual and is currently a relationship with a fellow YouTuber, Brilynn Ford. She is bilingual. Though she uses English as the main medium of communication with her followers, she is well conversant in Spanish also.

Where is Salice rose from in California?

With over over 7.2 million followers on Instagram and over 1 million followers on Musica.ly and Youtube, the 22 year old bilingual Peruvian/American comedian influencer, Salice Rose, was born in Lancaster California and has always held a strong ambition to make others smile which catapulted her to be in front of the

Who is Salice rose ex girlfriend?

The Rose Family has erupted with joy for Salice in finding, if not love, then at least baeship with Brilynn. We’ve never seen another face that Salice has dated. Then, one of Salice Rose’s Ex launched a YouTube channel of her own to explicitly talk about her relationship with Salice.

What size is Salice Rose?

Similarly, she has shared 3917 posts and earned over 11.5 million followers on her @ salicerose Instagram account. More Facts of Salice Rose.

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Full Name: Salice Rose
Body Size 34-24-34 inches
Birth Place California
Nationality American
Ethnicity Peruvian descent

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