Question: When does metal gear rising take place?

Where does Metal Gear Rising fit in the timeline?

Metal Gear Rising takes place in the distant future of, um, 2018, four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, making it the last entry in the chronological canon of the Metal Gear series.

Will there be a Metal Gear Rising 2?

Still, the series itself will be continuing after Kojima’s alleged departure, even if titles like Metal Gear Rising 2 didn’t and won’t be happening. What’s the story behind the apparent sequel to Platinum Games’ hack and slash action fest?

Can I play Metal Gear Rising without playing the others?

Of course not. Though, having played the other games makes the fight with the Metal Gear (not a spoiler, it happens in the prologue level) that much more satisfying. You spend most of MGS2 in fear of Metal Gear Ray but in Rising, Raiden obliterates the thing in the first level. No.

Is Metal Gear Rising Revengeance canon?

The game is a spin-off of the series (hence Metal Gear RISING and not Metal Gear SOLID ) and Kojima has confirmed multiple times that the story is canon.

How did Ocelot die?

After Snake and Otacon use Naomi Hunter’s FOXALIVE virus to delete the Patriots’ AIs, Ocelot challenges Snake to a fistfight and appears to die from exhaustion after the final fight; however, Ocelot’s death was actually caused by the new FOXDIE strain that Drebin injected into Snake.

Is Big Boss a villain?

He’s a tragic hero, and a villain in many ways, from a certain point of view. I feel they were very careful about making him too evil because in the end he is a human after all. He is a villain because he wasn’t on the side of the Patriot AI aka the society. That and he wanted an endless war.

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Why was Raiden called snake?

In 2014, Raiden reappeared in South America, revealing himself to Solid Snake by Codec to warn him of an enemy PMC ambush. Disavowing his identity as Jack, Raiden updated Snake as to his dealings with the Paradise Lost Army, before the call was interrupted due to a firefight.

Is Raiden a snake?

Raiden also appears as a supporting character in the 2008 game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, in which he is assisting the series’ main protagonist Solid Snake in his fight against Revolver Ocelot’s forces. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Full name Jack
Aliases Jack The Ripper White Devil Snake (MGS2)

How old is Raiden?

Raiden (MGS)

Born Circa. 1983
Age 33 (2016)
Physical description
Eye colour Blue (occasionally glowed red after receiving optical implant in 2018)

Can I play Metal Gear Solid 5 first?

You can go ahead, play this fun game, beat it, move on to playing another fun game after you beat this fun game. You could just play another fun game and then move on with life.

Should I play other games before Metal Gear Solid 5?

Obviously, download MGSV and Ground Zeroes while on Plus, but yes, absolutely play the previous games first. They form one complete narrative. You don’t have to necessarily play all the games, but the main console ones are sufficient.

What happened to Raiden after Revengeance?

So what happens is that he kills Armstrong, saves the world from more war, but in the last cutscene, its basically just showing that Raiden is still doing the mercenary work he was doing in the intro to the game.

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Is revengeance a real word?

(ree-venj-ee-ants) a furious act of revenge. To use violence to attain peace.

Is Solid Snake dead?

Solid Snake – Unknown Solid Snake’s official death in the Metal Gear Solid franchise is a bit unclear. It is extremely likely that the character did die like his fellow Snakes, however, which is part of the reason many feel like MGS 6 could never live up to its predecessors.

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