Question: When Is The Next Minecon 2017?

Will there be a minecon Live 2020?

Minecon Live 2020 is now called Minecraft Live, and it’s happening in October. Minecraft Festival, originally scheduled for September, now won’t happen until 2022. The date for Minecon Live 2020 has been confirmed, though it’s under a different name now: it’s now called Minecraft Live.

Where will minecon 2020 be held?

Minecraft Festival, which is being organised by Eurogamer parent company ReedPOP, will be held from 25th-27th September at the Orange County Convention Center in Florida, and Mojang calls it “a celebration of the epic adventure we’ve all shared for the past 10 years”.

Will minecon 2021 have a cape?

Ah, yes, capes! Every attendee will get an exclusive Minecraft Festival cape, compatible with both Java and Bedrock. “Everyone is welcome!” says Lydia Winters, Chief Brand Officer at Mojang.

How much does it cost to go to minecon 2020?

Ticket sales will open on March 6, though, with prices ranging from $60 for a single day to $300 for a three-day Diamond Package. Regardless of ticket price, all attendees are promised to receive an exclusive Minecraft Festival Cape.

Does minecon still give capes?

Mojang does not sell MINECON capes.

Can you get a minecon Cape without going to minecon?

That cape isn’t meant to be bought by someone who didn’t attend Minecon just so they can flash it off, it’s meant to remind you how awesome Minecon was because you actually went, enjoyed it, and supported Mojang and the crew.

Can you still get the Founder’s cape in 2020?

no, it was a limited time offer.

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Did Microsoft lose money on Minecraft?

Yes, absolutely, if you want to talk about gross revenue from sales. At the time of the acquisition, Minecraft had sold around 50 million copies. Since then, it’s sold around 130 million copies. However, the cost of sales are probably giving Microsoft around a quarter of that revenue.

How do you get capes in 2020?

Capes can be obtained through purchases in the Bedrock Edition. Players can purchase various skin packs from the Minecraft store. A handful of these skins contain capes as a cosmetic item that can be equipped or unequipped from that certain skin through the Character Creator.

How do I get free Optifine capes?

Dedicated Member For any cape other than the Minecon ones you have to have the mod installed to see the cape. You can donate to Optifine for $10 and get a cape that way. But always double check to make sure it’s the official Optifine site. Only other Optifine users will be able to see your cape though.

Can you buy a Minecraft cape?

No, there are no cape mods available for the current version of Minecraft PE, and no official capes released. This only works for Minecraft PE version 11, which is now outdated, and only for Android. iOS users cannot use any cape mods.

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