Question: When is vidcon?

Will there be a VidCon 2021?

VidCon is planning to return in summer 2021, and will allow people to attend digitally – The Verge.

Who will attend VidCon 2020?

Who’s attending VidCon 2020? The lineup this year is seriously epic. In includes Alex Wassabi, Brent Rivera, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Corinna Kopf, Daniella Perkins, James Charles, Jeff Wittek, Jessie Paege, LaurDIY, Nia Sioux, Ricky Dillon and tons more.

How much does it cost to go to VidCon 2020?

VidCon 2020 will take place June 17 to 20 at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif. Attendees can snag single-day tickets for $40, or four-day passes at four different levels: Chaperone ($90), Community ($100), Creator ($150), and Industry ($600).

What age do you have to be to go to VidCon?

This Site is not intended for use by any individuals under 13 years of age (or older, as required in certain territories) (“Site Minimum Age”). If you are not at least the Site Minimum Age in your place of residence, you may not use the Site.

Where is the next VidCon 2021?

VidCon 2021 Will Return To Anaheim—With Virtual Tickets For Long-Distance Attendees. VidCon ‘s flagship gathering is returning to Anaheim, Calif., in 2021.

Is VidCon always in California?

VidCon is a multi-genre online video tech conference, held annually in Southern California since 2010 and currently organized by ViacomCBS.

How do I get a VidCon creator pass?

How To Earn Your VidCon Creator Certificate You can choose from three different categories. VidCon designed three different categories for creators to become certified in. Attend at least four sessions in your chosen category. Make sure you get your RFID bracelet scanned before each session. Add your certification to your LinkedIn Profile.

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What do u do at VidCon?

The VidCon experience can be broken down into three distinct tracks: Community, Creator, and Industry. Each track grants attendees access to different parts of the con and is designed for different takeaways. The Community track is fan-focused and includes panels with creators, Q&As, and concerts.

Do YouTubers get invited to VidCon?

Getting invited The first step to attending as a Featured Creator is being invited as a Featured Creator (duh). There are a number of things that the Vidcon team takes into consideration. Surprisingly, it isn’t just about numbers (although that can definitely help).

Where will VidCon 2020 be held?

How much are tickets for playlist live?

Tickets ranged from $130 to a $220 “Insight & Industry” pass, and the most expensive option was a $500 “Premium” pass.

Who went to VidCon 2019?

Talent confirmed to attend VidCon US include founders Hank Green and John Green, along with Hannah Hart, Poppy, Rickey Thompson, The Try Guys, Kandee Johnson, and Miles Jai. The full lineup of creators scheduled to attend is available at this link.

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