Question: When the emperor was divine summary?

When the Emperor Was Divine short summary?

Plot. In ” When the Emperor was Divine,” Author Julie Otsuka gives a fictional retelling of the Japanese American experience during the Internment period of WWII. The story follows a Japanese American family; a father, a mother, a son, and a daughter.

When the Emperor Was Divine main idea?

In its recounting of one family’s experience of internment, Julie Otsuka’s When the Emperor was Divine explores the various racist stereotypes surrounding Asian identity that contributed to the unjust incarceration of so many people.

When the Emperor Was Divine ending?

And he says, “If they ask you someday what it was I most wanted to say, please tell them if you would, it was this: I’m sorry.” The novel ends with him then asking, “I’ve said it. Now can I go?” Unlike his family, the man clearly resents the government and understands that racism motivated internment.

When the Emperor Was Divine title meaning?

The title is an indirect reference to life before World War II, a time when the Japanese still believed that their emperor was descended from the gods. When the very human voice of the defeated emperor announced the Japanese surrender, the illusion of divinity was shattered forever.

When the Emperor Was Divine works cited?

Citation Data Otsuka, Julie, 1962-. When The Emperor Was Divine. New York:Knopf: Distributed by Random House, 2002.

Who are the main characters in When the Emperor Was Divine?

When the Emperor was Divine Characters The Woman. The woman—who, like the other main characters, is never named—begins the novel as an upper middle-class Japanese-American housewife living in California. The Girl. The Boy. The Man / The Father. Joe Lundy. Emperor Hirohito.

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What is the setting of the Emperor Was Divine?

This story begins in Berkeley, California on April 1942 and lasts until the end of World War 2. It takes place during the creation of Japanese Internment Camps where a Japanese American family of a mother and two children are sent to an internment camp in Utah by the Evacuation Order No. 19.

What happened to the father in When the Emperor Was Divine?

The father is a character who is absent from the novel and who appears only towards the end. The father is taken prisoner a few months before the novel started but he is present through the letters he sends to his family regularly.

How old is the girl in When the Emperor Was Divine?

It tells the story of an unnamed family of four—”the woman,” a 41 year old mother of two, “the girl,” who is ten when the story begins, and “the boy” who is seven—from the posting of the ” evacuation order ” to their return to their home after the war.

Is When the Emperor Was Divine a true story?

Based on a true story, Julie Otsuka’s powerful, deeply humane novel tells of an unjustly forgotten episode in America’s wartime history.

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