Readers ask: How to find the length and width of a rectangle when given the perimeter and area?

How do you find length when given perimeter and area?

How to Convert Perimeter Length to Area Divide Perimeter by 4. Square Length of Side. Add Unit of Measurement.

What is the perimeter formula?

The formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is often written as P = 2l + 2w, where l is the length of the rectangle and w is the width of the rectangle. The area of a two-dimensional figure describes the amount of surface the shape covers.

What is length and width?

Length is the distance from one end to the other end of an object, while the width is the distance from side to side.

How do you find the length and area of a rectangle?

Let’s discuss how to find length or breadth when area of a rectangle is given. When we need to find length of a rectangle we need to divide area by breadth. Length of a rectangle = Area ÷ breadth. ℓ = A ÷ b. Similarly, when we need to find breadth of a rectangle we need to divide area by length.

What is the length of a rectangle?

The length of a rectangle is the longest side, whereas the width is the shortest side. The width of a rectangle is sometimes referred to as the breadth (b).

What is perimeter and area?

About Transcript. Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape. Area measures the space inside a shape.

How do you find the perimeter given the area?

You can calculate the area of a square by using both the length of one side and its perimeter. Divide the perimeter length by 4 to get the measurement for each side of the square. For example, a square with a perimeter of 20 inches has four sides of five inches each. Multiply the length of one side by another side.

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How do you find the perimeter if you have the area?

Remember the formulas for both area and perimeter of a square. The area of a square is a = s 2, or side times side, while the perimeter is p = 4s, or 4 times s.

What is the side of a rectangle?

A rectangle is a 2D shape in geometry, having 4 sides and 4 corners. Its two sides meet at right angles. Thus, a rectangle has 4 angles, each measuring 90 ̊. The opposite sides of a rectangle have the same lengths and are parallel.

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