Readers ask: When Does Awkward Come Back On?

Will awkward ever come back?

UPDATED February 14, 2016: It has been more than three months since the latest episode of the current season of Awkward was aired, and at last the MTV channel has officially announced the return date for the second half of a fifth season. 12 new episodes will hit the small screen on March 15th at 10/9c.

Is there awkward season 6?

On October 8, 2014, Awkward was renewed for a fifth and final season, which premiered on August 31, 2015. The mid- season finale aired on November 9, 2015; when the show returned in 2016, the story picked up during the summer after the characters’ freshman year of college.

Is awkward on Netflix 2020?

Yes you can watch Awkward. on Netflix. You can use the Netflix app on your phone, computer, SmartTV or whatever other way you access Netflix to watch Awkward.

Is awkward done after season 5?

After five seasons, MTV’s Awkward. has finally come to an end. It probably comes as surprising news that the show was even still on––let alone that anyone was actually watching it. After show creator Lauren Iungerich left after season three, the drop in quality was apparent immediately.

Who does Jenna from awkward end up with?

Season four They end up having sex and his evasion afterwards leads Jenna to think he is embarrassed to be with her.In sympathy, Matty and Jenna become friends with benefits. Jenna eventually ends it and becomes romantically involved with Luke, a college freshman.

Why did Val leave awkward?

She is the Palos Hills High School’s Guidance Counselor, and later became the vice principal, but drops it to become a Guidance Counselor, but was later fired by the school’s principal after he read the school’s newspaper and Jenna Hamilton’s article of Valerie (during her rebellious phase).

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How does the show awkward end?

Awkward executive producer Mike Chessler said the MTV show’s season 5 finale would be “very satisfying,” and he wasn’t kidding: The hour-long episode featured Sadie (Molly Tarlov) finally getting told off, Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) finally taking hold of her financial woes, and Matty (Beau Mirchoff) finally — finally

What is Ashley Rickards doing now?

Where is Ashley Rickards now? After starring as the leading lady in the MTV comedy, Ashley went on to star in two 2017 movies, The Outcasts and Killer App. She also appeared in TV shows like Dimensions 404 and currently stars in the comedy series ctrl alt delete.

Does Tamara get married awkward?

At the end of Season 4, Tamara gets engaged to a man named Adam whom she met in a bar and is in basic military training.

What can I watch so awkward on?

Currently you are able to watch ” So Awkward ” streaming on The Roku Channel for free with ads.

Is awkward on Hulu 2020?

on Hulu? Fortunately, you can find Awkward.

Does Jenna cheat on Matty?

The Affair In the next episode, it’s revealed that Matty didn’t find out but Jenna becomes addicted to Collin and kisses him in secret, until Tamara catches them. She tries her best to keep Jenna’s secret because of “girl code” and also gives Jenna a chance to end the affair.

Who did Matty mckibben lose his virginity to?

Seems like a kind sentiment — until you consider he said it to Jenna, whose virginity he took without a second thought. 6.

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Does Matty have a baby in awkward?

[VIDEO] ‘ Awkward ‘ Season 5B Trailer — Matty’s Baby, Luke Returns | TVLine.

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