When you approach an intersection with a green traffic light, you should?

When you approach an intersection with a green traffic light you should quizlet?

if there is a green arrow displayed with a red or green light, you have the right of-way and may turn through an intersection, as long as its clear. If there is a green light displayed without an arrow, you may turn through an intersection as long as its clear. You must yield the right of way to all oncoming traffic.

What should you do when approaching a green traffic light?

Keep your speed down and be prepared to stop. If the lights are showing green, don’t speed up to ‘beat the lights ‘. Be ready to stop, especially if the lights have been green for some time.

What do you do at an intersection with traffic lights?

If all traffic signal lights are not working because of an electrical power failure, you must stop at the intersection and then proceed when you know other turning and approaching vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians have stopped. Treat the blacked-out traffic signal as four-way stop intersection.

What do you do when you approach an intersection?

Let the other driver go first. You will help prevent accidents and make driving more pleasant. At an intersection without STOP or YIELD signs (uncontrolled intersection ), slow down and prepare to stop. Yield to vehicles already in the intersection or entering it in front of you.

What does clear the intersection mean?

Clearing the intersection: When the light turned yellow, you were already in the intersection or sufficiently close to it that you couldn’t reasonably stop (given your speed, road and weather conditions, etc.).

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When turning left on a solid green light what must you do?

May not turn right. A steady green light means you may drive through the intersection if the road is clear. You may also turn right or left on a steady green light unless a sign prohibits the turn. When turning, you must yield to other vehicles and pedestrians within the intersection.

Which sign means no stopping?

The no stopping (Clearway) sign tells drivers that they must not stop, even momentarily to pick up or let out a passenger. It is a prohibition to stop at any time on double red lines and is only permitted on single red lines outside of operational hours displayed on the time plate.

What is the correct traffic light sequence?

The traffic light sequence explained Red – An illuminated red traffic light indicates that all road users should stop behind the line. Red and amber – Red and amber traffic lights illuminated together shows that the lights are about to change to green and that it’s okay for road users to get ready to go.

How do you drive defensively when approaching traffic lights?

How do I drive defensively when approaching traffic lights? Plan to `arrive to go`. In other words, rear mirror check and reduce speed on approach in order to come to a gentle halt and in the appropriate gear to enable you to continue through a new green light.

How close to an intersection without traffic lights can you legally park?

Park or stop within 20m of any intersecting road where there are traffic lights at the intersection. Park or stop within 10m of any intersection without traffic lights unless: there are road signs that tell you that you can. or it is a T- intersection and you are parking along the continuous side of the continuing road.

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How do you cross an intersection when driving?

Directions for Controlled Intersections Check traffic ahead and to the side for vehicles on cross streets before entering the intersection. Watch oncoming traffic for any vehicle making an illegal turn. Check for and yield to any pedestrian and bicyclists crossing at a corner or other crosswalk.

What does a green arrow showing at the same time as a red traffic light mean you can do?

A green arrow displayed at the same time as a red light means the driver can proceed carefully in the direction of the arrow after yielding the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians.

What’s the most important rule for approaching an intersection?

You might need to stop if there are emergency vehicles coming through the intersection, if the lights change to red just before you get there, if there are pedestrians on the road, or if you see another vehicle coming which you need to give way to.

When arriving at an intersection you should look?

Before you enter an intersection, look to both the left and right for approaching vehicles or crossing pedestrians. Look to your left a second time, as vehicle approaching from your left will be closer than those approaching from your right.

Who gives way at at intersection?

(1) A driver at an intersection (except a T- intersection or roundabout) without traffic lights or a stop sign, stop line, give way sign or give way line, must give way in accordance with this rule.

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