FAQ: What does enmity mean?

What’s the opposite of enmity?

What is the opposite of enmity?

friendship goodwill
sympathy good will
amiability affability
kindliness cheerfulness
conviviality sociability

How do you use enmity in a sentence?

Enmity sentence example

  1. Great popularity necessarily brings with it bitter enmity and genuine criticism.
  2. Nor was it personal enmity on Elizabeth’s part that brought Mary to the block.
  3. The kings of Taxila and Porus were at enmity, and for this cause the invader could reckon upon Omphis as a firm ally.

What does victim of enmity mean?

enmity – a state of deep-seated ill-will. antagonism, hostility.

What does ensconced mean?

ensconce in-SKAHNSS verb. 1: to place or hide securely: conceal. 2: to establish or settle firmly, comfortably, or snugly.

What is the strongest word for hate?

Abhor is from Latin abhorrere — “to shrink back in horror.” It is the strongest way in English to express hatred, even stronger than loathe.

What does enmity in the Bible mean?

Enmity and its synonyms “hostility,” animosity, and animus all indicate deep-seated dislike or ill will. Enmity (which derives from an Anglo-French word meaning “enemy”) suggests true hatred, either overt or concealed.

What is a rigorous?

1: manifesting, exercising, or favoring rigor: very strict. 2a: marked by extremes of temperature or climate. b: harsh, severe. 3: scrupulously accurate: precise.

What is a synonym for Ensconced?

Find another word for ensconce. In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ensconce, like: conceal, establish, cover, embed, hide, nestle, seat, settle, shield, stash and take out.

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