FAQ: What is a cat back exhaust?

What are the benefits of a cat back exhaust?

An increase in fuel economy is often experienced after installing a cat back exhaust system. This is the result of the engine not have to work as hard pushing exhaust gases through the piping. This reduces the total amount of load on the engine, causing higher efficiency and MPG.

What’s the difference between Catback and regular exhaust?

The catback exhaust replaces all of the exhaust piping from the catalytic converter back to the muffler. It’s also commonly referred to as an “exhaust system”. Axleback Exhaust. Some cars have intermediate pipes or mid pipes that flow pretty good from the factory.

Is cat back exhaust illegal?

Cat back systems are not illegal. They are from the CAT BACKwards, so the cat is not removed. Turbo back systems are from the turbo backwards, and like any exhaust, they’re only illegal if it’s a decat system.

Is a cat back exhaust worth it?

It’s almost pointless (for performance) to just do cat back. The down pipe and cat are the two most restrictive parts of our exhaust. But yes, it’s worth it for the sound.

How much HP gain from cat back exhaust?

In terms of power, though, that’s objective data. The new exhaust adds two pound-feet of torque and 2.5 horsepower, but only once VTEC kicks in and the engine needs more airflow. That’s not a ton, but it’s something. It also adds lightness, because the 34 pound difference is considerable.

Does cat back exhaust increase mpg?

CatBack Exhaust System

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A catback exhaust system replaces your OEM system from the catalytic converters and back. The mufflers are also designed to facilitate a more efficient draining of the exhaust. Catback exhaust systems improve gas mileage and enhance engine sound as well.

Is cat back better than Axleback?

-lbs., a catback exhaust typically outperforms an axleback exhaust. This is because there are more components and accessories involved with a catback exhaust installation. Since axleback exhausts are generally limited to everything after the rear axle, there’s only so much room for improvement.

Does a cat delete increase horsepower?

If you remove the cat you will most likely get a small HP gain in the high rpms. However, removing the cat will hurt the low/mid-range power band.

How much horsepower does a exhaust add?

The Most You Can Gain is 2-5%

If you want to know how much power you can expect to gain from adding an exhaust system to your car, assume that your engine will get 2-5% more powerful. More specifically, large engines like a big 6.0L V8 typically see about a 2%-3% horsepower increase.

Why is straight piping illegal?

A: The law has not changed. The law does not specifically answer how loud a motorized vehicle can be, but it does say that a vehicle must have a good working muffler that prevents “excessive or unusual noise.” So any cutouts or bypasses, straight pipes or rusted-out mufflers and exhaust with holes are all illegal.

Can you get pulled over for a loud car?

New California Law for 2019. As of January 1, 2019, a modified exhaust on an automobile or motorcycle, excessively loud, can no longer be cited as a correctable violation. Assembly Bill AB1824 has taken away the opportunity to correct the violation and requires a citation for such violation to result in a fine only.

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Will a cat back exhaust pass inspection?

Answer: No problem installing a cat back exhaust system. The smog inspection does not inspect the muffler or exhaust system after the CAT. A vehicle will not pass the smog check without having the correct catalytic converter installed.

Does dual exhaust add horsepower?

If you have dual exhaust tips to a single exhaust, your vehicle will look great, but it’s not doing anything to increase power. Dual exhaust will give you a significant power increase because of the engine’s ability to breathe better. Thus, if you are trying to increase horsepower, dual exhaust may be worth the cost.

Does a cat back exhaust void warranty?

The truth of the matter is that adding an aftermarket exhaust system to your vehicle will not void your warranty in most cases. Note that phrase, “most cases.” If your new system does not cause any damage to other components on the vehicle, then your warranty will be fine and remain intact.

How much does cat back exhaust cost?

Cat-back exhaust systems – anywhere from $300 to $1200 – The final cost will depend on steel thickness and type, as well as muffler quality.

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