FAQ: What is tophatter?

Is Tophatter com legit?

Tophatter is a scam, quick to take your money but won’t return your money even if you haven’t received the items. You are better off spending the extra money and getting it from a reputable company.

What is Tophatter and how does it work?

Tophatter is a mobile discovery marketplace that hosts live auctions for products spanning every major category. Users scroll through Tophatter much like they scroll through social media, discovering products they want to bid on. Most auctions are fast, lasting only about 90 seconds.

How do you pay on Tophatter?

We accept major credit and debit cards, PayPal and PayPal Credit – Bill Me Later in most locations, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay from the respective apps. Prepaid debit and gift cards carrying a major credit card logo are accepted; these must be registered online with a billing address and telephone number.

How much does it cost to bid on Tophatter?

Bids are completely free; you will only pay when you make a purchase through Buy Now, or when you’re the winning bidder on an item in a live auction. Bidding starts with a predetermined opening bid amount. Real, live shoppers place subsequent bids in real-time, increasing the price and bid increment.

What happens if you dont pay TopHatter?

Bidding & Buying

Tophatter auctions are real, and any bids placed are binding offers to purchase the item on the Listing. You are responsible for reading the full Listing before making a bid or commitment to buy. Unpaid Purchases are automatically canceled after 3 days.

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Where is Tophatter based out of?

efficient rapid marketplace and connects sellers to over 10 million shoppers across the globe. Tophatter is funded by leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms, including August Capital, Charles River Ventures, Sequoia Capital and SV Angel. We are based in San Francisco, with offices in Shanghai, China.

How do I get my money back from Tophatter?

You can receive an instant refund for up to 2 hours after making payment

  1. Visit My Orders.
  2. Click View Details next to the item in question.
  3. Click Request a Refund.
  4. Select a reason, add an optional note, and click Request a Refund.

Does Tophatter use PayPal?

Yes, Tophatter does accept PayPal.

How long does Tophatter take to ship?

How long does shipping take? Shipment takes 10-20 days to arrive. This doesn’t include the normal 24-48 hours of warehouse processing time.

Can you cancel a bid on Tophatter?

Fresh off the presses, the Tophatter Newsletter just announced that now buyers who change their mind about following through on an item they bid on and won can now just click a button and cancel the transaction!

Can anyone sell on Tophatter?

We welcome all Sellers to apply to sell on Tophatter, as long as you are selling or offering to sell items that aren’t illegal and comply with these Terms. However, we don’t endorse any Sellers or any items they may offer for sale through the Services.

How do I find Tophatter?

After completing your first purchase, you can Search for all types of items! From the website: Click the menu icon in the upper right of Tophatter, then click Search, and enter some keywords to describe what you’re looking for. Optionally, click Browse, to view a variety of deals.

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Who is the owner of Tophatter?

Ashvin Kumar – Co-Founder & CEO – Tophatter | LinkedIn.

Is Tophatter in Canada?

Does Tophatter ship to Canada, UK, Australia, or other countries? Yes, Tophatter does offer international shipping.

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