What is a groupie?

What does a groupie mean in slang?

The term groupie is a slang word that refers to a fan of a particular musical group who follows this band around while they are on tour or who attends as many of their public appearances as possible, with the hope of meeting them.

What does being a groupie mean?

1: a fan of a rock group who usually follows the group around on concert tours. 2: an admirer of a celebrity who attends as many of his or her public appearances as possible.

Is groupie a bad word?

“In the 1960s, ‘groupie‘ was just a word used to describe girls who wanted to hang out with groups, but over the years it has slowly become a negative term.” – Pamela De Barres.

Who is the most famous groupie?

Most Famous Groupies of All Time

  • Audrey Hamilton.
  • Lori Maddox.
  • Pamela Des Barres.
  • Bebe Buell.
  • Sable Starr.
  • Cynthia Albritton.
  • Tawny Kitaen. Best known as an actress and a groupie of the 80s, Tawny managed to hook up with Tommy Lee, John Taylor, Robbin Crosby and David Coverdale.
  • Tura Satana. Tura Satana was an actress as well as a burlesque dancer.

What’s another word for groupie?

What is another word for groupie?

admirer aficionada
buff devotee
enthusiast fan
junkie follower
hanger-on supporter

Are groupies still a thing?

Yes there are still groupies but the dynamic is changing, and previous behaviours may now be considered inappropriate and even illegal.

How do you identify a groupie?

Here are a few ways to spot IG traits in those you look up to, those you work with or even in yourself:

  1. #1 – Backstage access without any purpose of being there.
  2. #2 – More knowledge of an artist’s social life than their music.
  3. #3 – Name drop more than The Game.
  4. #4 – Clubbing gear to a hip-hop show?
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What band had the most groupies?

So now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are the top 10 rock bands that have done the most groupies.

  • 8 David Bowie.
  • 7 Guns N’ Roses.
  • 6 Led Zeppelin.
  • 5 WASP.
  • 4 Nickelback.
  • 3 Motley Crue.
  • 2 Metallica.
  • 1 Van Halen / Van Hagar.

When did groupies start?

For example: the emergence of “groupie babies” in the 1970s, as rock stars like David Bowie and Mick Jagger began regularly bedding girls as young as 13.

What does roadie mean?

Noun. roadie (plural roadies) One of the crew for a musical group or other travelling stage production, especially a stagehand or technician. (colloquial) A cyclist who rides on the roads rather than off-road. (colloquial) An alcoholic beverage for the ride, for consumption while one is driving.

What is a groupie invitation?

“Netflix and chill” is an Internet slang term used as a euphemism for sexual activity, either as part of a romantic partnership, as casual sex, or as a groupie invitation.

What does it mean to be a simp?

Simp is an Internet slang term describing a person (often male) who performs excessive sympathy and attention toward another person, sometimes in pursuit of a sexual relationship.

What is a professional groupie?

What is a “professionalgroupie you may ask? Well according to OfficialGroupie, a professional groupie is a woman with a career who actively seeks ballers to complement her lifestyle. She is classy, independent, articulate, educated, has a career, resourceful, and knowledgeable. However, she is also in DENIAL.

Is Penny Lane a real person?

Pennie Ann Trumbull (born July 3, 1954), also known as Pennie Lane, is an American socialite, philanthropist, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. During the 1970s she formed the group The Flying Garter Girls, which traveled around the country as the promoters for famous rock bands.

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What is a rock and roll groupie?

Groupies usually don’t show up as much more than a footnote in music. They’re the girls who hang out backstage with the band, usually troubled girls from unhappy homes, struggling to find an escape by diving into the sex and drugs that go with rocknroll.

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