FAQ: Why Did The Nurse Tell Juliet To Marry Paris?

Why did the nurse tell Juliet to marry Paris she believed it was the best option because Romeo was as good as dead she always liked Paris better than Romeo and wanted to see Juliet with him Romeo had been rude to the nurse earlier in the play?

She believed it was the best option because Romeo was as good as dead. She always liked Paris better than Romeo and wanted to see Juliet with him. Romeo had been rude to the nurse earlier in the play when he was with Mercutio. Friar Laurence was likely to expose their secret if Juliet refused to marry Paris.

What is the nurse’s advice to Juliet about marrying Paris?

in Act III, Scene 5, the nurse advises Juliet to marry Paris instead of Romeo, because Romeo is banished and Paris is, in her words “a lovely gentleman.”

Why did the nurse betray Juliet?

The Nurse betrays Juliet by advising her to deny the marriage to Romeo and wed Count Paris instead. Her reasoning is that Romeo is banished, and cannot come back to object.

What does the nurse say about Juliet’s feelings for Paris?

What does nurse say about Juliet’s feelings are for this other suitor? she says she has no feelings for Paris, and it makes her sick.

How did Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love?

Shakespeare sets the scene in Verona, Italy. Juliet and Romeo meet and fall instantly in love at a masked ball of the Capulets, and they profess their love when Romeo, unwilling to leave, climbs the wall into the orchard garden of her family’s house and finds her alone at her window.

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How is Juliet selfish?

After her secret marriage, Juliet continues to be behave generously to her family. The feuding families, keeping up their hatred long after whatever caused their feud has faded away, are the ones depicted as selfish. They nurture a grudge that is capable of upsetting the peace of all of Verona.

How does Juliet behave in the presence of Paris?

Juliet enters, and Paris speaks to her lovingly, if somewhat arrogantly. Juliet responds indifferently, showing neither affection nor dislike. She remarks that she has not married him yet.

Who does not think Juliet should marry Paris?

Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Capulet’s plan for her to marry Paris on Thursday, explaining that he wishes to make her happy. Juliet is appalled. She rejects the match, saying “I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear / It shall be Romeo—whom you know I hate— / Rather than Paris” (3.5. 121–123).

Why does Juliet feel she Cannot marry Paris?

She does not like the way Paris acts around her. She wants to be able to make her own decisions. She is angry with her family and wants to oppose them.

Why are nurses blamed?

The nurse is partly to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because she helps Juliet deceive her parents and because she enables Juliet to see Romeo.

What animal is Romeo?

Romeo the Puppy He lived by violence and weapons and died by them too. Text Support: Violent: A3 S1 (Killing Mercutio)

How did Lady Capulet betray Juliet?

when Juliet refuses to do so Capulet threatens to disown her. Capulet will only forgive her if she with consent to her fathers decison. His wife Lady Capulet refuses to give Juliet consel and is angered by Juliets choice and wishes. Romeo and Juliet betray there parents wishes by getting married without there consent.

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Did Juliet kill Romeo?

Romeo goes to the tomb and realises he can’t live without Juliet. He takes the poison and dies next to her. Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo dead. She then kills herself with Romeo’s dagger.

Is Rosaline a Juliet?

Rosaline (/ˈrɒzəlɪn, -iːn/) is a fictional character mentioned in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet (1597). She is the niece of Lord Capulet. Scholars generally compare Romeo’s short-lived love of Rosaline with his later love of Juliet.

What is the one word that is more awful to Juliet than her whole family being killed?

What one word is more awful than Juliet’s whole family being killed? She plans to find him and say goodbye. “O, find him” (Shakespeare 972).

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