Often asked: Why Can’t Sororities Have Parties?

Why can’t sororities have parties?

The reason that the NPC gives for this seemingly archaic rule is that it’s much cheaper to insure sororities if alcohol isn’t allowed in their houses. Sorority members pay about $25 to $50 a year for insurance policies, while fraternity members pay $180.

Is it illegal for sororities to throw parties?

No law actually prohibits sororities from throwing parties in the United States. However, the National Panhellenic Conference, which governs the country’s 26 major sororities, maintains that sisters can’t swig booze in sorority houses — even as the fraternity down the street throws a keg party.

Do you have to party in a sorority?

You definitely don’t have to be a party girl to be in a sorority. It’s not weird at all if you don’t want to drink. It’s perfectly acceptable to go to parties and not drink. If you ‘re in the right chapter for you, they’re going to love you for who you are and support whatever you do.

Do sororities have date parties?

Date parties are classic sorority events that typically involve an off-campus venue, dinner and semi-formal attire. Because of the scale the event and the pressure to bring a date, new members might feel nervous or unsure what to expect.

Can you drink in a sorority?

Being in a sorority means you have to drink. In fact, sororities nationwide are considered dry, meaning that there is no alcohol permitted in the house or at any sorority functions.

Can you go to a frat party if you’re not in a sorority?

Yes. Women can ‘t join fraternities, but they can go to parties. So can men who are not members of a fraternity. Generally, some parties will be “closed”, as in you will have to be in certain groups, and one of those might be a fraternity.

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What is the biggest party sorority?

Phi Beta Hangover: The Best Party Sororities in the US

  • Alpha Omicron Pi – University of Georgia.
  • Phi Mu – University of Alabama.
  • Kappa Delta – Ole Miss.
  • Delta Delta Delta – University of Kentucky.
  • Delta Gamma – University of Missouri.
  • Chi Omega – University of Arkansas.
  • Phi Mu – University of Tennessee.
  • Delta Delta Delta – University of South Carolina.

Why can’t sororities have alcohol?

Most women who are part of equivalent sister organizations are prohibited from doing so. That’s because of a rule within the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) — an umbrella organization of 26 autonomous sororities — that bans alcohol in sorority houses. The NPC says its policies represent national best practices.

What is the largest sorority?

The largest sorority by membership is Chi Omega, also called “ Chi O,” and the largest sorority by active chapters is Alpha Omicron Pi, or “ A O Pi ” for short. These sororities are all members of the National Panhellenic Conference.

Does being in a frat get you laid?

Being in a fraternity does give you instant connections to sorority girls and to meet them as friends. Note that many Greeks generally hang out within their ‘tiers’ for hook-ups but also as friends. Yes, absolutely. One caveat, only join a fraternity if you want guy friends and are comfortable with the members.

Can a guy join a sorority?

A2A: If someone identifies as a female many sororities will accept you as a member. But if you identify as a male, currently, many fraternities and sororities are single-sexed. However, there are co-ed fraternities on many campuses. Fraternities and sororities are single-sex organizations.

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Can anyone join a sorority?

You usually need to be a full-time student at a four-year college in order to join a sorority. Some colleges don’t allow freshmen to join sororities or limit their involvement in them. Sororities emphasize academics, and most have a grade point average requirement between 2.5 and 3.0.

What is a sorority date night?

A date party is a less formal event which each member of a sorority can invite one person to, often at a restaurant or similar place.

What do you wear to a sorority date party?

Instead, general date party attire includes jeans and a button-up shirt with a pair of shoes. Sometimes, even clean sneakers can suffice. Depending on the venue, semi-formal and formal wear can range from a pair of khakis and a tucked-in shirt to the whole shebang: tie, suit-jacket, and dress shoes.

What does Prophyte mean?

Prophyte: Someone who has been a member of an NPHC group for a year or more, or someone who has initiated new members.

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