Often asked: Why Is Heather Unruh Leaving Wcvb?

Where is Heather Unruh now?

Unruh resides in a Boston suburb with her husband and two children.

Why did JC Monahan leave WCVB?

“After deep consideration, I have determined it is time for me to embark on a new adventure” J.C. said in an email to WCVB staff. “It was not an easy decision to leave WCVB, but personal growth comes when you step outside your comfort zone, and I am ready to chart a new course.”

Why did Heather Unruh retire?

When she abruptly resigned last fall, longtime WCVB-TV (Channel 5) anchor Heather Unruh gave no indication of the reasons why. In a new interview with New England Living TV, Unruh doesn’t say why she left Channel 5, but does imply she had become uncomfortable with changes in TV news generally.

Where does JC Monahan live?

A Newton native, Boston has always been home for JC.

How much money does JC Monahan make?

So, have you ever wondered how rich J.C. Monahan is, as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Monahan’s net worth is as high as $1 million, while her annual income is a minimal $50,000.

Where does JC Monahan work?

J.C. Monahan was born as Jennifer Catherine “ J. C. ” Monahan. She currently works as a newscaster for NBC’s Boston affiliate WBTS, which she joined in June 2017 after working for WCVB-TV as a reporter and anchor for 15 years.

How long has Harvey Leonard been televised?

Harvey has worked as a meteorologist in New England for over 40 years. He joined the station in 2002 as Storm Team 5’s co-chief meteorologist with his longtime friend Dick Albert, who retired in 2009.

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