Often asked: Why Is The Encomienda System Important?

What was the impact of the Encomienda system?

Cause & Effect: The cause of the Encomienda system was the Spanish crown offering land and Indian slaves to conquistadors going to the new world. The effect was heavy depopulation of Indians from brutality and disease leading into African slaves becoming a new labor force.

Was the Encomienda system successful?

The Spanish colonists abused the encomienda system, essentially rendering it a system of slave labor. The attempt failed, as encomenderos ignored the laws and revolted against any attempt to weaken their power of the their laborers.

What did the Encomienda system allow?

In the encomienda, the Spanish Crown granted a person a specified number of natives from a specific community but did not dictate which individuals in the community would have to provide their labor. Indigenous leaders were charged with mobilizing the assessed tribute and labor.

What was the purpose of the Encomienda system in Central America?

What was the goal and purpose of the Encomienda system and why didn’t it work? The goal was to enslave Native Americans and the purpose was to use the slaves as a labor source. It didn’t work because the Native Americans knew the land and could escape easily. they also were not immune to the diseases and died.

Why is Encomienda bad?

The encomienda system (in theory) was a feudal-like system where Spaniards would offer protection and education to the native populations in exchange for labor and money/gifts. In reality, the encomienda system was a horrible abuse of power and essentially slavery.

Where was the Encomienda system used?

The Encomienda System was used in the Spanish colonial empire in the Americas during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and early eighteenth centuries. The system is based on the forced labor of the native population.

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Why did African slavery replace Native American slavery on the Encomienda system?

Native Americans and Africans sought to preserve autonomy in the face of contact with Europeans. to take control of a person or group of people by force. This system exploited Native Americans and resources. Eventually, Native American labor was replaced with African slave labor.

How did the end of the Encomienda system lead to the use of African slaves?

The end of the encomienda system led to the Catholics/Spaniards stop using Native Americans for labor and instead using African slaves. Spain’s American colonies helped make it the richest, most powerful nation in the 16th century.

Why was the Encomienda system replaced?

8. What replaced the Encomienda System? It was gradually replaced by African slave labor because Africans were more immune to European diseases than Natives.

What were the Encomienda and Repartimiento systems?

The actual land given to deserving subjects by the Spanish Crown are the encomiendas while the distribution of the labor force, the Indians, is referred to as the repartimiento. Along with the land, these “encomenderos” were allotted the Native people of the land as the labor force to work the land.

What did Spaniards do to the Philippines?

Forty-four years after Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines and died in the Battle of Mactan during his Spanish expedition to circumnavigate the globe, the Spaniards successfully annexed and colonized the islands during the reign of Philip II of Spain, whose name remained attached to the country.

What was the benefit to the Spanish crown of an Encomienda quizlet?

What was the benefit to the Spanish crown of an encomienda? a. The crown could use the encomienda to directly oversee missionary work among the Indians.

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For what primary purpose did the Spanish enslave many American Indians?

Answer: The Spanish conquistadors enslaved American Indians because they needed labour to work in mines and grow sugar. Slavery in the Spanish American colonies was an economic and social institution which existed throughout the empire of Spain.

How was the Encomienda system different from slavery?

The encomienda differed from slavery in that the Crown imposed inheritance, trading, and relocation restrictions on encomenderos. The Crown opted for the encomienda, however, to secure its rule and to satisfy an ideological bias against slavery.

How did Spain build and manage their empires?

In order to control its new empire, Spain created a formal system of government to rule its colonies. todemand labor or taxes from Native Americans. The Spanish forced Native Americans to work in the gold and silver mines. Some Spaniards protested this cruel treatment.

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