Question: Why Does Aunt Alexandra Get Angry With Atticus?

Why does Aunt Alexandra get upset with Atticus?

Aunt Alexandra is upset with Atticus because he has not informed the children about their ancestry and given them a sense of their family history—a history she believes reflects the “gentle breeding” of the upper class of their society.

Why does Alexandra disagree with Atticus threat?

Alexandra says that the Ewells are the kind of people who would “do anything to pay off a grudge.” Alexandra disagrees with Atticus about the threat. Atticus says that once the higher court reviews his case, Tom has a good chance of going free or at least receiving a new trial.

Why is Aunt Alexandra mad?

She becomes upset when Jem reveals that he knows about his cousin Joshua who “went round the bend at the University.” She is discontent that Atticus has revealed the “skeletons in the Finch closet; so she has Atticus impress upon the children that they are not from “run-of-the-mill people.” (Ch. 13)

What is the main conflict between Atticus and Aunt Alexandra?

Aunt Alexandra and Atticus argue over the way Atticus has raised the children, particularly Scout; saying she needs to learn lady-like ways. Scout and Jem fight over causing trouble for Atticus.

What is hiding under Scout’s bed?

That night Scout feels something under her bed and thinks a snake his hiding there. She gets Jem to investigate, and they discover Dill hiding under Scout’s bed.

How does Aunt Alexandra try to change Atticus life?

Aunt Alexandra tries to pressure Atticus into telling the children why they should behave and “live up to your name.” Atticus makes an attempt, but when Scout begins to get upset with this strange side of her father she has never seen before, he returns to his original principles and finds himself incapable of passing

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How does Miss Stephanie embellish what happened to Atticus?

How does Miss Stephanie embellish what happened to Atticus? She was being too dramatic about it. She added more and she over-exaggerated the story. She means that Atticus should be more cautious because Bob Ewell could do something really bad to him.

What is Aunt Alexandra afraid of?

Aunt Alexandra thinks Bob Ewell is a piece of trash. She is afraid of him when he spits tobacco at Atticus’ face. She classifies him in a group, just like she does everyone else.

What does aunt Alexandra forbid Scout from doing?

Aunt Alexandra believes that upper-class families should not mingle with lower-class families and fears that Scout will pick up on Walter’s bad habits. She views the Cunningham family as beneath them and forbids Scout from playing with Walter despite the fact that he is a well-behaved child.

What kind of person is Aunt Alexandra?

Atticus thinks Scout needs a feminine influence. 2. What kind of person is Aunt Alexandra? Aunt Alexandra is a poised, well-mannered, Southern woman.

Does Aunt Alexandra like Calpurnia?

Answer and Explanation: Aunt Alexandra is not fond of Calpurnia, and believes Jem and Scout would be better off without her.

Who killed Bob Ewell?

On the night of the Halloween pageant Bob follows the children home and attacks them but Boo saves Jem and Scout but fatally stabs Bob Ewell. Atticus is convinced Jem killed Bob Ewell but Heck Tate (the sheriff) points out that Jem isn’t strong enough and after Bob broke his arm he wouldn’t have been able to stab him.

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Why is TKAM banned?

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the most frequently challenged books in the US due to its themes of rape and use of profanity and racial slurs. Unlike the previous case, the book was banned due to the accumulation of complaints over the years.

What is Calpurnia’s main conflict?

Calpurnia is a fine and loyal maid of the family but her biggest conflict throughout the book is how society views her. One woman, Lula, questioned why she brought the Jem and Scout to a black church.

What do Jem Scout and Dill discover Atticus doing?

Jem decides to go out after him at almost ten o’clock. Scout and Dill tag along. They find Atticus in front of the jail attempting to keep an angry mob of white men from breaking Tom Robinson out and lynching him.

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