Question: Why Don’t I See My Post On Craigslist?

Why is my post on Craigslist not showing?

Originally Answered: Why can’t I view my post on craigslist? You need to wait 15-20 minutes to get your ad live on the craigslist site. If you don’t see your ad after this initial delay period then it is marked as spam and discarded by craigslist’s software. It is known as Ghositng.

How long does it take for my post to show up on Craigslist?

You can expect your paid posting to appear within 10 to 20 minutes after you complete it, or 15 minutes after you confirm your email address on a free ad.

Can I see my own post on Craigslist?

You can check the status of the previous ad (or any ad you post ) by looking at your ” my account” page. If it has been flagged for removal, it will show “deleted” in the status column.

How do I know if my Craigslist ad is ghosted?

Ghosting refers to any ad you have placed on the website that is visible from your Craigslist account page and from your confirmation email, but doesn’t appear in the category page. This differs from a flagged ad, which appears on the service but is later removed when users flag it for removal.

How do I get my Craigslist post to the top?

Without Account

  1. Open the confirmation email Craigslist sent when you first posted your ad.
  2. Click the hyperlink in the body of the email message to open a new web page with options for managing your ad.
  3. Click the “Renew This Posting” button to move your ad to the top of the list.
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What happens when you flag a Craigslist post?

If you see an inappropriate post on Craigslist, the popular classified advertising site used by individuals and businesses, you can flag it for removal. A Craigslist flag marks Craigslist advertising as inappropriate, and if enough people flag the ad, it will be automatically removed.

What is a hidden post on Craigslist?

‘Ghosting’ is the term applied to when you make a post on Craigslist, and the system tells you that your post has been published but your post never appears on the front page of Craigslist.

Do you need an account to post on Craigslist?

Overview. Unlike popular online marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist does not require posters to register for an account before they can post or reply to an ad. However, owning a registered account has a number of privileges and posting ads is easier, including the ability to prepay ads and re- post expired listings.

Can you tell how many views on Craigslist?

Basically, all that you can do after you post your ad is edit, renew, repost or delete it. Furthermore, Craigslist doesn’t rank ads by popularity. So where your ad is placed relative to other ads on Craigslist isn’t an indication of how many times it’s been viewed. Rather, ads are time-based.

How do I post something on Craigslist for free?

Follow the steps below to submit a free post to craigslist without using an account. If you want to post using a craigslist account, go to your account homepage.

  1. Visit our homepage,
  2. Click ” post to classifieds” in the top-left corner.
  3. Select a category for your post.
  4. Enter the text for your post.
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Can you find out who flagged Craigslist?

Although it isn’t possible to find the specific individual who “flags” a Craigslist ad for removal, knowing an ad was flagged allows you to review the content of the ad and change it to fall in line with Craigslist’s Terms of Use.

How do you refresh a Craigslist ad?

Renewing with a Craigslist Account

  1. Log in to your Craigslist account to see a list of your current and past posts.
  2. Click ” Renew ” next to an active post to immediately renew the post.
  3. Click “Continue,” “Continue” again, “Done With Images” and then “Publish” to repost the same ad without editing it.

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