Question: Why Was Movin’ On Cancelled?

What happened to the Movin On truck?

This 1974 truck left Hollywood in 1975 and was put to work on the road. It has had 7-8 owners over its lifetime, with several different engines and paint schemes. It is currently undergoing a complete restoration back to the original specifications that were seen on the series.

Who owns the Movin On truck?

One day, while surfing around on e-Bay, Paul found the original “ Movin On” Kenworth A-Model! It was owned by Kerry Hoberg of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and it still had the original dash plaque which reads, “This Kenworth is custom built for MGM Studios.” Needless to say, Paul purchased the truck sight unseen.

Where was the TV show Movin On filmed?

Movin ‘ On was filmed on location all over the United States, including Glen Burnie, Maryland; Mobile, Alabama; Sedona, Arizona; San Diego and San Francisco, California; Buford and Jonesboro, Georgia; Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina; Astoria, Portland, The Dalles, Seaside and Hood River, Oregon; and Norfolk,

What year was BJ and the Bear truck?

This particular truck was actually used on screen in the popular television series. The following story is available on line. The link is at the bottom. Although the television show “B.J. and the Bear” only ran from 1978 to 1981, the truck behind the show remains a show-stopper over 30 years later.

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