Quick Answer: Why Is Gangplank Always Banned?

How good is gangplank?

Gangplank is mainly strong due to his global ult, which effectively shuts down towerdives, can turn around even fights (if they stay they get chunked if they run your team still benefits) and also can be used to defend/push lanes in the worst case. It also procs Thunderlords very quickly.

Is gangplank an ad?

Gangplank is one of the most versatile champions in the League of Legends. His abilities allow him to be played as a melee and ADC (attack damage carry).

Is gangplank good for climbing?

He’s ok, but you need a strong mental. Can’t come out of lane with more than 2 deaths and you have to be really mechanically good to carry the hard matches. You can win a lot of games by purely split pushing which imo makes climbing fun.

Is gangplank good s11?

Gangplank Build 11.7 ranks as an C-Tier pick for the Top Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 46.7% (Bad), Pick Rate of 2.3% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.42% (Low).

Is gangplank hard to learn?

Yes it is worth trying, given that it has the highest win rate, but it will be hard. Gangplank is a sort of hard carry champion which has to play agro in team fight. The timing to blow up barrels take time to master, and its hard to carry in bronze as teams usually dont know how to follow.

Which gangplank ULT upgrade is best?

PSA: Death’s Daughter is the best Gangplank Ult upgrade in any situation.

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How much does gangplank cost?


Release Date August 19, 2009
Cost 3150 790
Attribute Fighter

Can morde ULT gangplank?

As the title says GP can easily get out of mordekaisers ult with W just as with nocturnes ult. Yeah, but just due to the existence of that interaction Morde might not even ult you at all.

Who killed gangplank?

Under his merciless rule, Bilgewater was an orderly place to make a dishonest living. But now Gangplank is dead. Murdered, by a crimson-haired bounty hunter seeking vengeance for her parents’ deaths.

Is Shen good low ELO?

Shen is actually very good for people at lower ranks, playing him to his potential requires good map awareness, which means playing him will generally improve your awareness. Also very good as in bronze, people make mistakes, a lot, so you can bail them out.

Is gangplank good in low Elo?

No. He is requires good general game knowledge and very good champion knowledge. i climbed outta silver 5 to plat 5 and it wasn’t too hard If you’re better than your opponents you can carry with gp since he’s a hyper carry with crazy amounts of aoe dmg late game.

Is AP gangplank viable?

This item is literally half of what makes ap Gangplank viable. It procs with Parrrley, giving you some nice ranged damage. It helps that almost half of Parrrleys damage is ad, making it hard to build resistances too.

How did gangplank come back?

During Bilgewater: Burning Tides, a huge story event for League of Legends, Gangplank was murdered by his rival and rendered unplayable for everyone. In an epilogue released to the story event, it was revealed that Gangplank is still alive, but one of his arms is a little worse for wear and has now been replaced.

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