Quick Answer: Why Was The Face On The Milk Carton Banned?

What is the conflict in the face on the milk carton?

The internal conflict in the story is when Janie is having to decide where to keep the secret from her friends and family or to tell them that she’s the missing child on the milk carton and that she has proof.

When did The Face on the Milk Carton take place?

The setting of The Face on the Milk Carton takes place in 1980s Connecticut in a middle class, suburban neighborhood. The book begins during the fall season, which also creates a sense of nostalgia about family-oriented holidays.

Why did Hannah kidnap Janie?

We got into Hannah’s head quite a bit. She hates Janie. She believes she stole her parents, her money and all the love she should’ve had. We learn that she viciously chose to give Janie to her parents believing that they would get busted within days and thrown in jail for kidnapping.

How does the face on the milk carton end?

A shocked Mr. and Mrs. Johnson reason that Hannah must have kidnapped Janie, and insist, against Janie’s wishes, that they call the Springs. The book ends with Janie calling the New Jersey family.

How old is Bonnie Lohman?

Although many featured children including Gosch, Martin, and Patz were never found, one success was the case of seven-year-old Bonnie Lohman, whose mother and stepfather had taken her away from her father when she was three. The girl’s neighbors recognized her face on a milk carton.

Do they still put missing persons on milk cartons?

By 1985, 700 independent dairies across the United States were displaying the faces of missing children on their milk cartons. The trend began to die down just a few years later, however, and by the late 1980s, most milk cartons were no longer featuring the images of missing children.

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Where Is The Face on the Milk Carton banned?

challenge to authority, inappropriate for age group and psychological theories of crime. as this book. Where is this book banned? This book is banned in Texas.

Who is Janie Johnson?

Meet Janie Johnson, a Texas cowgirl raised on ranching and rodeo — who now enjoys life as a barrel racer and western sports reporter. Growing up on ranch in Canyon, Texas, as the daughter of a saddle bronc rider and a cutting horse competitor, Janie is a cowgirl through and through.

What Happened to Janie?

Whatever Happened to Janie? Janie is forced to leave the home of her adoptive parents and live with her biological family. As things start to improve and Janie starts to feel more at home, though, they experience a setback when the FBI shows up. Janie ends up returning to her old family.

Who kidnapped Janie in the face on the milk carton?

The series has sold more than 4.2 million copies altogether. The most recent novel is Janie Face to Face, in which author Caroline B. Cooney concludes the series and reveals what happens to Janie and Reeve as grownups, and whether Janie’s kidnapper, Hannah, ever gets her due.

What reading level is the face on the milk carton?

The Face on the Milk Carton

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 9 – 12 Grades 3 – 8 4.8

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