Readers ask: Why Did Butch Go To Jail?

Is Butch still sober?

Butch has openly struggled with his sobriety and he unfortunately had a relapse in 2019, which was a tough set-back for him and his loved ones. While sharing the latest news about her father-in-law, Catelynn revealed his current living situation, why they don’t chat regularly and more.

What happened to Butch from MTV?

The arrest will mark an end to what was a relatively successful run for Butch. Despite his lack of sobriety, the 57-year-old has managed to stay out of jail since late 2016 when he was booked in Michigan for driving on a suspended license. During his time in Texas, Butch got a job doing fence work.

Do Butch and April have a child together?

Despite the difficulties they faced with choosing adoption, the couple stayed together. In 2014, fans were elated when they pair announced Catelynn was pregnant again. Their second daughter, Novalee Reign, was born the following year.

Is Tyler’s sister still sober?

Amber previously took to Instagram in a clip Monday and said that while she’s ‘been off [her] rocker a little bit lately,’ she’s getting through the tough time staying faithful and sober. She said in an Instagram clip on Wednesday that she’s dedicated to staying sober amid the storm.

What is Tyler and Catelynn worth?

For reality stars, Catelynn and Tyler have modest net worths Catelynn and Tyler have been involved in Teen Mom OG for years now, and for their participation, the MTV favorites have been rumored to make anywhere from $350,000 (per Mommy Things) to $500,000 (per Disclosure Daily) a season for the reality series.

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Are Catelynn & Tyler still together?

Stronger together! From middle school sweethearts to married MTV stars, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are committed to making their relationship work. After more than a decade together, the couple has overcome many ups and downs, including breakups, makeups, living apart and becoming parents.

Are Catelynn and Tyler step brother and sister?

Tyler and Catelynn met when they were in seventh grade during music class, according to Insider. As noted by Champion Daily, Butch and April started to date shortly after Catelynn and Tyler got together. The duo wound up getting married in 2009, which legally made Catelynn and Tyler step – siblings.

How did catelynn meet Tyler?

In 2005, Catelynn and Tyler started dating According to the couple’s book, “Conquering Chaos,” Tyler and Catelynn met in seventh grade when they were in the same music class.

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