Readers ask: Why Was Sarah Connor Chronicles Cancelled?

Why did the Sarah Connor Chronicles end?

Terminator: Why Sarah Connor Chronicles Was Canceled So Quickly. As kind as critics generally were to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and as much as its loyal fans dug it, the reasoning behind its cancellation was fairly simple: the ratings were low.

Is there a season 3 of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: FOX Series cancelled, No Season Three. To no surprise, FOX has cancelled its sci-fi series after two seasons.

Why are they trying to kill Sarah Connor?

Because she is the father of John Connor, the leader of the human resistance in the future. He is the biggest threat to Skynet, so it makes sense to stop his chance of opposing Skynet before he’s even born. Sarah Connor managed to terminate the Terminator, therefore saving her unborn son.

What happened to Sarah Connor after t2?

Sarah Connor has died from leukemia in 1997 after a three-year battle with the disease. She is mentioned by John (Nick Stahl) and the T-101 (Schwarzenegger). She lived long enough to see the 1997 “Judgment Day” pass without incident, and was cremated in Mexico where her ashes were spread out to the sea.

Is Sarah Connor Chronicles worth watching?

Absolutely. The seasons are short, the cliff-hanger cancelled-show ending is unfortunate, but it’s still great marathon TV. It’s a good show, worth watching. When the Sarah Conner Chronicles was good, it was one of the best shows on TV.

Is the Sarah Connor Chronicles canon?

As developed by writer Josh Friedman, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles ” took inspiration not only from the Cameron “Terminator” canon, but also the 2004 “Battlestar Galactica” reboot in its explorations of morality, identity and the impending advance of artificial intelligence.

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Why did Cameron give John Henry her chip?

Supposedly, Cameron gave her chip to John Henry when she realized that he’s able to stop Skynet and is better equipped for this goal than her. It’s notable, however, that after her chip was damaged, Cameron did try to kill John, as if it was her original program.

Is Arnie in all the Terminator films?

While Schwarzenegger starred in the role for four of the five movies in the series, including The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), and Terminator Genisys (2015), most fans see the first two films as the high points of the franchise.

Will there be a Terminator 7?

At this point, Terminator 7 could happen, but it doesn’t seem very likely. After Dark Fate’s disappointing box office reception, making just $261 million on an $185 million budget, it seems like the franchise’s — ahem – fate has been sealed. For now, it looks like Terminator 7 isn’t going to come to fruition.

How old is Sarah Connor now?

Sarah is stated to be 29-years- old, effectively confirming her intended age in the prior film. That at least lessens the gap between Sarah and Hamilton, who was 35 when T2 hit theaters. Still, she again doesn’t really look the character’s age.

Who is the strongest Terminator?

They’ll Be Back: The 15 Most Powerful Terminator Models, Ranked

  1. 1 T-1000000. Perhaps the rarest of all the T models, the T-1000000 (if you hadn’t guessed) is everything Skynet can throw at you and its last line of defense.
  2. 2 T-5000.
  3. 3 T-3000.
  4. 4 T-1000.
  5. 5 Rev-9.
  6. 6 T-X.
  7. 7 T-900.
  8. 8 Marcus Wright.
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Why did t800 kill John Connor?

The first is that killing John sets up an all-new character arc for Sarah Connor as a grieving mother and vengeful badass, and the second is that they didn’t want to undo Sarah and John’s prevention of Skynet at the end of Terminator 2.

Why did t800 kill John?

The T-800 that killed John Connor in Dark Fate had been sent by Skynet from a future that no longer existed in the present timeline. So it was from an alternate timeline where Connor’s existence was still a threat to Skynet. In answer to why it killed him, that was its objective.

Does Sarah Connor die in dark fate?

(And you thought they were complicated before.) In this timeline, Sarah Connor gets leukemia and dies in 1997. She lives long enough to see that Judgment Day does not occur on Aug. 29, 1997 as Kyle Reese originally told her it would.

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