What injury sent jack right into emergency surgery?

Did Jack Youngblood play with a broken leg?

Jack Youngblood Plays Through a Broken Fibula

Youngblood broke his leg in the 1979 divisional playoffs against the Cowboys, but instead of missing the rest of the playoffs, he returned to action and ended up playing in the Super Bowl.

What football player played with a broken leg?

Jack Youngblood

How many sacks did Jack Youngblood have?

24 sacks

What football team did Jack’s Los Angeles Rams upset in the 1979 NFC divisional playoffs?

Dallas Cowboys

Who is the toughest player in the NFL?

The Top 15 Toughest NFL Players of All Time

  • Dick Butkus, Chicago Bears.
  • Walter Payton, Chicago Bears. …
  • Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers. …
  • Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys. Most football fans remember Smith for his amazing production, especially when he broke Walter Payton’s record to become the the NFL’s all-time rushing leader. …

Who broke their leg in the Super Bowl?

Terrell Owens

Did Jack Youngblood win a Super Bowl?

Despite the broken leg and numerous other injuries, Youngblood played in 201 consecutive games, a Rams team record; and only missed one game in his 14-year NFL career. He played in seven straight Pro Bowls, five NFC Championships, and one Super Bowl.

Are Jim and Jack Youngblood related?

Contrary to common belief he is not related to former teammate and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Jack Youngblood. However, since both Youngbloods had first names beginning with the same letter, the Rams had to include the entire names of both players on the back of their jerseys.

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What team did Jack Youngblood play for?

Jack Youngblood, a 6-4, 247-pound All-America from the University of Florida, excelled for 14 seasons with the Los Angeles Rams from 1971 to 1984. As the 20th player selected in the first round of the 1971 draft, Youngblood made his presence felt almost immediately.

Who did Lawrence Taylor sack the most?

Coach Joe Gibbs turned to a two-tight end, one-back set almost exclusively against Taylor. And even then … The most famous of Taylor’s 1,088 professional tackles was the 1985 sack that ended the career of Washington’s Joe Theismann.

Who holds the record for most career sacks recorded?

Michael Strahan

Where did Jack Youngblood go to college?

University of Florida

Are Rams in the playoffs?

There’s still one week left in the season, but the Los Angeles Rams have nothing left to play for. They were eliminated from playoff contention on Saturday night with their heartbreaking 34-31 loss to the 49ers.

Do the LA Rams have a chance for the playoffs?

No, the Rams did not make the 2019 playoffs. Instead, the team got a wake-up call which has reenergized the entire organization. Sleep on the 2020 LA Rams at your own peril.3 мая 2020 г.

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